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Connect - Creative Optimization

We know you want every brand interaction to be meaningful, wherever and whenever it occurs.

As the world’s largest independent ad server, we have the resources at a global scale to help you harness your data to unlock new possibilities—like dynamic creative, coupled with predictive AI—to deliver impressions that inspire.

Creating Art
Milk Carton Leak

Use exceptional tools to get inspiring results

Gain confidence and control over your creative with our powerful HTML5 authoring tools and our award-winning repertoire of formats, features, and capabilities. Whether you’re a coding expert or prefer codeless ad building, we’ll help you dazzle your audiences across rich media, video, mobile… and whatever’s next.

Create personalized branded experiences

Imagine using the power of AI to create personal, powerful, all-media messaging. We have all the tools you need, including our world-class dynamic creative capabilities, to ensure your message is getting to the right person with the right message at the right time—in real-time and at scale. Use our broad-stream data integration tools, including first-party data, geo, context, and more, to personalize and optimize like never before.

Optimize every channel easier than ever


With our omni-channel platform, you can easily create and deliver single-tag creative with cross-device targeting that renders the right ad on every screen. We make omnichannel easier with adaptive and responsive capabilities built right into our HTML5 authoring tools and code.

Experience the power of predictive marketing


Every moment of interaction with your audience matters, so we’ve created the industry’s most powerful AI decisioning tools available in order to help you optimize according both to your audience’s response and to your engagement goals. When your insights inform every impression, you get Sizmek-sized performance improvement.

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